A new year is pretty much synonymous with new resolutions and new goals. And for most people, it’s probably going to be all about stepping up your fitness, lose some weight, improve your diet, or even maybe get another job.
January is the start of a new beginning, a brand-new year and for most everything will pretty much turn back to normal when the school term starts. Getting back to your daily routine after a holiday break can be tough, especially if your break included some over-indulgence Making new years’ resolutions sounds rad. It sounds like you’re on top of things. You have it all figured out and the journey is mapped out. But it’s hardly ever the case.
Photograph by Davide Cantelli via Unsplash
But this year, I’m doing something different. In general, I hate goals and I do not make new years’ resolutions. I do create a vision because I need to know where I’m heading. But I make 90-day goals and then I make sure I know what my DAY should look like, in order to meet that goal. And then, daily, I do two things. I write down 1-2 things I MUST get done. And I write down 1-2 things I would like to get done. That’s it. Nothing more.

“I want to be a disruptor.”

40-45% of American adults make one or more resolutions each year according to John C. Norcross. And the top new year’s resolutions by far are:

  • Weight loss program
  • Exercise
  • Stop smoking

Also popular are resolutions that deal with better money management and debt reduction.

But did you know, that only 64% of people make it to month one. And half of the people who makes new year’s resolutions have given up on them by the end of June.

Everybody has a vision. The criminal has a vision, businesses have visions, mothers have visions, grandparents have a vision, people have visions for their careers, families. Vision is a principle, but if you don’t understand the principle of your life and know why you are on earth, your vision means nothing. I truly belief that 2020 is a year of enlargement (not your body LOL) and expansion. God wants to expand you. But He also cautions us that we should not lose our self in God’s purpose for our lives. Don’t get caught up in so much business that you forget who is giving you the ability to make money. Don’t get caught up in so much noise that you forget to LIVE your life with purpose and meaning. When we have events that happen in our lives, we attach meaning to it. That is why certain memories provoke emotion. The emotion is going to depend on the meaning you attach to the event. So, my vision this year. I want to make Jesus more famous. I will not be ashamed to bring Him into my business. And yes, shockingly there are business mentors that do teach people to never bring faith into your business. But I cannot do it any other way. We live in a broken world. There are poor people all around us. If my business’s priority is not to give and expand the Kingdom of God, then what’s MY purposes here on earth. What meaning are you going to attach to events in your life this year? The meaning you DECIDE to attach, will determine what emotions will spring forth in your being and you will have two choices form here. You are going to engage in self-defeating actions or behaviour, or you are going to engage in constructive action, which in turn will move you forward to your vision. Enjoy the last week of the school holidays! Luv ya, Petrolene