By now it’s nothing new that sugar is a major contributor to the increasing rates of obesity in the world.  Today, 2 out of every 5 children are obese between the ages of 6 – 19 years.

It’s not difficult to become obsessed with chocolate, treats, chips, cookies, soda. It’s everywhere we go. It’s ingrained in our being, our living. By the time a child reaches the age of 2, he or she can associate at least 20 logos from the big food industry.  They might not know what the company is selling, but they can associate the funky ads, pretty packaging, cool little bears, sweet little cats and dogs with the brand.

Big food companies market to children, not to adults.  From color full wrappers to a plastic toy ad-on.  It’s called pester power – a term that exists in the marketing world. 

By the time you’re an adult, you’ve been indoctrinated by hundreds of advertisements, on tv, on billboards, in magazines. It’s almost impossible to escape from it.  Do yourself a favour and look at how many times, you are being marketed to by big food companies during the day. That includes driving past a fast food joint more than once on your way to work. That big nice pretty sign? It’s also called marketing.

You are being fed a message that it’s good, it will make you feel better.  When you have a bad day, it’s ok to eat a chocolate. When you and your spouse had a fight, it’s ok to indulge in an entire cake.

Those messages you see with your eyes and hear, creates a memory that is linked to emotion. That is exactly how marketers grab your attention.  Every single advertisement you will see, will have emotion attached to it. If you see and hear that for at least 21 days, it will now become part of your non-conscious mind.

Live with that thought in your non-conscious mind for 60 days, and you’ve just created a new habit in your life. Like going to the vending machine after lunch every single day. Stopping at the fast food joint every Friday evening.

This happens over the course of many days, many weeks and many months – even years. It’s hard to shake off habits that’s been so ingrained in your life from a young age.

Smoke a joint and you are stoned almost immediately.

That is the big difference between sugar and other drugs. You don’t realize and see the immediate effects of sugar on your body and your health.  You see the immediate effect of drugs on your body as soon as you take them.

The fact that your weight has increased with 1 pound every year since high school, has nothing to do with your will power. It has everything to do with how our food has changed.

Consuming or even thinking about sugar will trigger the exact same response in your brain and your body, as it would if you would’ve gotten hooked on alcohol or drugs.  The sad thing is, we will only see the negative effects years later in our weight and in our health.

And yes, you can have serious withdrawal symptoms from sugar.  But it’s just as easy to jump in the car and get that chocolate at the convenience store at 11 pm at night.  And this is exactly what I will teach in my upcoming Sugar Addiction Course. This will be a 12-month course where we will look at the mind, brain and how you can clean your mind from these memories and create healthy habits in your life.

It’s not as easy as following a diet and stick to it for the rest of your life. For 1% of the population it is, but you and I my friend, we are not so lucky. For most of us, it’s hard to look past all these advertising and marketing and take our thoughts captive.

Physically, quitting sugar and processed junk food can help with weight loss and heal you from metabolic diseases like diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

You are uniquely and wonderfully made. You deserve to grow old healthy and live a fulfilling live.

With love,