What if you could wake up tomorrow morning with more confidence, more vitality, less stress and a great relationship with yourself and your surroundings? How would you live your life differently? What problems would be instantly solved if you were able to change your state of existence?


I invite you to explore who you are and to leverage your discoveries to create positive change in your life.  I provide on-line services in transformational coaching, executive coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy and NLP therapy.

“Every person has a special gift hidden behind fear and excuses. I want to help you find that special person.”


Complimentary Session | FREE

The purpose of this session is to identify areas in your eating habits that might be holding you back. We will also identify coaching options that will best suit your current goals.

Coaching Package A

Includes 4 coaching sessions to unpack unhealthy eating habits and behaviors. This is a journey of self-discovery, food freedom, and body acceptance.

Coaching Package B 

Includes 12 coaching sessions that will allow you to build a life for yourself beyond your food obsession. Align your life with values you choose, and repair your relationship with your food.

4-Week Intensive

An intensive 4-week coaching program with daily coaching and accountability sessions to set yourself up for success, including online support through-out the day. This program will allow you to create meaning and purpose in your life to feel inspired, motivated, and alive again. Let’s redirect your energy to repair your relationship with your spirit, body and soul.


Happy Clients

Ronald Jonker



“Petrolene opened my eyes to the everlasting question: “is this true?“. When raised during daily life conflicts and challenges, this question is now a  driver to come into action instead of only having some ideas, to come from intention to action. Thank you.”

15 May 2020


@South Africa


“It was a life-changing session, thank you”

9, May 2020


With over 18+ years in executive management and health, people have always been my passion. It’s always been my main goal to help individuals and staff see their own true potential and once they’ve turned the corner, there was no stopping them.  The look in their eyes, when they start to believe in themselves is priceless. That is why I love to coach and mentor people.

During my corporate career, I have completed my Masters in Business Administration. I have worked in a global international industry and have worked with different cultures and teams.

I currently use my experience as a certified CBT and Life coach practitioner to provide performance coaching, personal development, and corporate training to individuals, managers and companies. Training and coaching are being done both virtual and/or in person

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Children’s Obsession With Food
Children’s Obsession With Food

This is an interesting topic. Controversial I would think. I remember watching a BBC documentary. The story was about a mom who would push her 12-year old son in a wheelchair because he's too tired to walk. He was overweight.   She would wait for him at the bus stop...

Our Addiction To Drama
Our Addiction To Drama

The past two weeks I was overtaken by this unsettled feeling. I could not put my finger on it until this week. Drama. Other people’s drama. I hate drama. I have spent so much time during lockdown to work on my self-worth and self-awareness. I almost forgot how it...

From the Pulpit | Why This Topic?
From the Pulpit | Why This Topic?

On 19 April 2019, Pastor Allan Bagg from Allan Bagg Ministries, preached a sermon at my local church. The message? HOW TO SET YOUR SOUL FOR GREAT SUCCESS PART 1 & PART 2 I studied that message 5 times afterward. Even to this day, 24 May 2020, I remember that...

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