I cannot even remember where it all started. We never had any issues or problems in kindergarten. He was a lively, outspoken little boy and loved testing the status quo. I mean he challenged everything. He was never satisfied with an answer that would pretty much tell him to just “do what I say”. He always wanted to know why. “Why should I not put my finger in the socket?”, “Why should I flush the toilet?”. Until we enrolled him into primary school.

The teachers couldn’t stand him. He was too busy. He spoke too much. He wasn’t paying attention. I mean, I understand at some point or the other during any child’s school years, you’re likely to receive complaints regarding their behaviour and their performance. But this was too much. We were constantly referred to psychologists, therapists, play therapists and we did everything the school advised. After all, they are the experts? Right? Or so we thought.

At some point we were called in at least once a week. For trivial shit to be honest. Boys are boys. Show me a boy who has never thrown something in a tree, or on a roof. Show me kids who has never played without anybody end up crying. But my son was always the culprit. Always the one that were picked upon by teachers and parents.
You can teach your child to handle kids at school. I mean – kids are freaking evil. But no child should constantly need to defend themselves against teachers and parents.

It became so bad that we fought at home the whole day. My husband was sick and tired of being called in. He was sick and tired of having to discipline our son for whatever went down at school the day. So, we gave in. We did put him on Ritalin. I was furious, but I was also tired and exhausted of fighting against the system the whole time. So, I gave in. Call me weak, call me irresponsible, call me whatever you want. I went home and made it my mission to get him off the meds and started doing my research. That’s where I came across banting and keto. A lifestyle that pretty much cuts out all sugar and processed foods.

I changed how we eat, and I changed how I cooked. No more processed junk. I only bought the highest quality food I could afford. My kids’ lunchboxes would look the same – no sugar, no processed foods. I really had to dig deep to figure out what to pack for school lunches if bread wasn’t an option anymore.

I cannot remember when exactly the change came, but I remember sitting in the car one day and saw him starring out of the window. He almost looked depressed. I bet he was. He changed. He wasn’t the lively happy child anymore. He was just quiet. Just sitting there bothering nobody.

About two years later one morning, he told me that he’s not going to drink the Ritalin anymore. It “made him naughty” he told me. And I realized by fixing his diet, the medication started to have an adverse effect on him.

We never looked back.

Sugar and refined carbs are the most evil, addictive substances anybody can feast on. It disrupts the intricately balanced environments in your brain and body and affects the brain in many toxic ways. The more we eat it, the more we want it. Evidence suggest that sugar has the same effect on the brain in ways similar to well-known addictive substances like alcohol and drugs. Let that sink in for a moment.

Tuck shops should be banned at schools. I mean, you send your child to a place where drug-like substances are freely available? Sugar is also now linked to cognitive decline and we see an increase in diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer as a result of this.

I hear many people say “Oh, I love my sugar”, “I love my dessert”, “I love my coke”. But at the cost of what? How much more do you weigh as appose to 5 years ago? How do you feel? Do you wake up with loads of energy every day? Do you run around with your kids when they play outside? Do you keep on buying bigger size clothes because you don’t fit in your previous seasonal cupboard? Do you look 50, worn down with two kids in primary school?
I’m sorry. I did not plan to live a life, ending up in an old-age home where somebody else need to wipe my ass. I am going to live my life until the day I die. And I will make every effort to not get some sort of chronic illness. I will not die of sickness. I will die of old age. Old age doesn’t mean you have to be sick. Or die sick.
Did you know that every single metabolic/chronic disease is curable? Seriously. All chronic diseases stems from inflammation. And inflammation occurs when your gut is toxic. And how do your gut get toxic? You eat junk. You eat stuff that your body cannot handle. God never created us to eat junk food. He created us in His image. Perfect human beings.

It is not easy to give up sugar and refined carbs.  I mean, most people go to rehab if they’re addicted to something.  You will go through withdrawal symptoms.  It’s the same thing.

But it’s only you who can decide in your mind, that you are going to make a change.  You don’t have to have all the answers, neither is it a 10-step plan.  It’s a lifestyle change.  A lifestyle change so that you can play with your grand kids one day.  A lifestyle change because you refuse to give up on life.

Stay tuned. Let’s tackle this journey together and you will be amazed at how strong you really are.