It was a week full of rich learning with my own business coach.  Yes, I do spend money on my own personal development to ensure I can continue to bring you the best I can offer.

Anyhoo…my homework?  Go and buy some magazines in our niche and see what they do for ads and headlines.  Great.  It’s been a while since I laid my hands on a physical magazine and I very much looked forward to it. Because this meant only one thing – some quiet time in the bath with me and my mag.

I bought a few which also included some fitness magazines.  I love health and fitness. What could possibly go wrong?

In the first magazine the editor’s note talk about living fit and being authentic you.  Great, sounds like my jam.  She goes on to cover the #BeAuthentic movement.  Something I know nothing about.  It’s great because I need to do some hashtag hacking as well while I’m at it. First few pages are great.  It showcases what some folks did for #maydayfitnessproject and some cool fitness gear.

But then I came across a picture of a girl pushing a sled. Granted, pushing a sled is not everybody’s cuppa tea.  But it still looks odd, too random and fluky.  Her posture is all wrong and her facial expression is…well, looks like she just had the best day of her life.  Which is for most girls, their wedding day.

It makes me uneasy, but I have an open mind.  “I’m here to learn”. Let’s move on.

After a few pages, the next picture completely raises my heart rate.  Not quite sure whether I was upset or mad.  Two girls were pulling on a rope, smiling as if they’re boarding a plane on their first solo trip to France. And I’m thinking to myself…”you don’t look like that when you pull on a rope”.

I think I was mad because my lungs were all over the place last time I pulled or pushed something.  Life seems unfair.

According to one of my best friends – Google – authentic is described as “of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine”.  Type in the word “genuine” and you get “truly what something is said to be”. I do a step further and look up the antonyms for authentic and found a whole host of words I’ll rather not repeat here.  But “unreal” and “unlikely” catches my eye.  Yes, it’s completely unlikely that you will look like that when you push a sled or pull something on a rope. It’s hard and you will grasp for air.  Dammit, you don’t look like that when you suffer. Period!

I’m disappointed with the system.  It’s NOT glamorous to work your butt off to feel and look good.  It’s simple.  Really simple.  Get your *&%$# of the couch and go and do something.  But it’s certainly not easy, neither is it glamorous.

There’s something different about people, who suffered and endured the process of achieving a fitness goal or lose weight.  They have a different perspective on life.  They had to grind their way through whatever challenge they had to overcome.  They had to grind their way through all the noise in their head. I salute them.  Show THEM in the magazines, please.  Because it’s not about what you can do.  It’s about the journey you had to go through.

And by the way…this is what you look like when you suffered.

Have a good week!