My youngest and I was working on a school assignment for the past few days. I used the opportunity to teach him how to properly use Google to do some research.  Strangely enough, this topic also came up during a conversation we had last night with some friends at a barbeque.  Apparently, being able to do research with resources the majority of people now have available, doesn’t always come naturally to people. I’ve seen it in the workplace as well.  People will ask me questions.  I will google it or search on the intranet.  And in 99.9% I will always find my answer.  And then people are astonished about the “wealth of information I have”. No, it’s not that.  I’ve just come to learn that if you really want to get ahead in your career, you have to learn how to be resourceful. A person is resourceful if they are able to achieve maximum results with limited resources.  Resourcefulness is an attitude, not a skill.  You decide that you are going to be resourceful.  Where you find the resources might require some skill in the beginning. An attitude of resourcefulness helps you to think out of the box.  Have you ever noticed how resourceful kids are when they need to make a plan?  Oh boy, can they whip up some grand plan for you if you’re stuck with something! Resourcefulness separates you from the crowd.  You will stand out.  People will look up to you.  Your manager will look up to you. Here are some traits from resourceful people: They are Open Minded and They Bend the Rules if They Need To Being open-minded means you value other people’s input.  You are willing to listen to what they have to say.  You can take all the information you’ve gathered, and decide which one is the best, or come up with a completely new solution all-together. Also, they are not afraid to break the rules. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.  If there are rules and red tape that holds back progress and success, a resourceful person will choose progress over anything else.  A resourceful person knows that any progress is better than no progress at all. They Are Confident and Expectant Resourceful people believe they are capable of handling any problems that’s put in front of them.  It’s one thing to be positive about everything all the time, but it’s one thing to put it into practice every single day. They believe they are competent and they know who they are in themselves.  They always believe a workable solution is out there for anything and they are determined to find it.  However, resourceful people will also recognize that they need help and know they know where to draw the line and go and seek advice or help. Resourceful People are Proactive They don’t wait for anything or anybody.  They go out there and slay the dragon.  They are not phased by outside circumstances, what people say or what they don’t have.  They make sure they’re making progress, every day. They are Not Hung Up on Fear and Frustration Yes, they get frustrated.  Yes, they sometimes do have some fear and anxiety.  But resourceful people don’t let it influence their progress or determine the outcome.  They know if they get caught up in fear and frustration, it will block any chance of moving things forward. Resourceful people stay current on information and trends in the workplace and their career and niche.  Even if the news is not good.  They don’t mind understanding the data and doing the research.  They don’t go into denial. They face the facts head-on. They Don’t Have a Scarcity Mindset They don’t mind sharing everything they’ve learned and know with other people.  They don’t keep information for themselves or feel threatened if somebody else know more than they do.  They love empowering other individuals with the information they’ve gained through their own research. They flourish on giving.  They understand the principle of seed, time and harvest.  What you sow you will reap in good time. Try some of these things in the next month…before 2018 runs out.  Gather your thoughts and see where you can change your life to become a resourceful person. It will put your career on a whole new path.  I promise you that. Have a great week! Petrolene