The past two weeks I was overtaken by this unsettled feeling. I could not put my finger on it until this week.

Drama. Other people’s drama.

I hate drama. I have spent so much time during lockdown to work on my self-worth and self-awareness. I almost forgot how it feels to be amongst people who create drama all the time. It’s like drama follows them like a shadow.

You do not even have to be an active participant. They have a way of sucking you into their drama, whether you want to be sucked in or not. It’s like a bird. They fly over and leave a big pile of poop on your head.

I find it exhausting. Humanity’s tendency to notice and obsess over negativity and bickering has gone completely overboard.

Here is the interesting part though. While some of us hate this constant vortex of drama around people, they love the drama. They are addicted to their drama. It energizes them. It is ingrained in their brain’s reward system. They love the suffering. The same way their brain lights up when they eat a nice chewy piece of chocolate cake, the same way their brain lit up when they operate in familiar territory.

They love the suffering. The same way their brain lights up when they eat a nice chewy piece of chocolate cake, the same way their brain lights up when they operate in familiar territory.

If we personally have experienced drama all our lives, keep holding it in or express it via thoughts and feelings, we perpetuate that. From thinking it, we feel it and we become it.

By the time we become it, our brains and bodies have become addicted to the habitual thoughts and emotions.

In other words, our suffering and drama and all the emotions that go with it, are engrained as deep pathways in our brains. Moving out of these habitual patterns, feels uncomfortable. And if there is the slightest opportunity, we will fall right back into these habitual thought patterns that induce specific emotions and behavior. We will fall right back into what is familiar. That is why, when people are under pressure, they will go back to what is familiar with them. Their ‘old self’ comes out.

It is uncomfortable for people to change. They might want to, but it is too much work. Some of them even like where they are at. They flourish in their comfort of suffering. 

They have learned how to use their thoughts to create their feelings which in turn creates their being. That is who they are.

Unless we renew our minds and create new thoughts, we cannot change our feelings and subsequently our being.

I’m doing a 3 part series on how your brain works and how you get from thinking something, to actually becoming that something. If you understand how that works, you will know how you can change it.

I do not play games. I do not play politics. I do not hate people because other people hate them. I do not give people silent treatment because other people give them the silent treatment. I am my own person. I am not here to live someone else’s life.

Don’t get caught up in someone else’s life. That might change who you are and dreams and life visions will become bygones.

Let’s spread the love this month and stop the talking behind people’s backs. Please. There’s a place for everyone in the sun. And if you don’t know where to start, check out the video series. I promise you, it will change your life.