The sad truth is that you won’t meet your New Year’s Resolution.  At least that’s what statistics tell us.  But you’re probably telling yourself that it will be different this year.  Reality check.  Past behavior predicts future behavior…

I hate New Year’s resolutions.  Exactly for that reason.  All they do is make you feel miserable 2 weeks into January.  I do however have a few things I want to focus on in the next 90 days.  Once I’m done, I’ll focus on something else for the next 90 days.  Focusing on something short term, have helped me stay focused on the important tasks.  It’s easier to meet a short-term actionable goal, than to focus on some airy fairy goal in the future.  So, for me, for the next 90 days my focus will be:


I had knee surgery 3 weeks ago and will not be able to train at full intensity probably still for the next 3 weeks.  So now is a awesome time to focus on my nutrition and I really zone in on the ketogenic diet.  I’ve done a strict ketogenic diet before when I was cycling, and the benefits were amazing.  I get so many questions on my nutrition and how I got to do my first of three half IM703’s at the age of 38.  I’ve decided to pour some time into educating others on the benefits of cutting sugar and processed carbs from your diet.  I’ve seen the amazing transformation in my own son when I fixed his diet in my quest to take him off Ritalin.  Join us if you want to share in this journey or just want to know more.


Sleep and I are not friends and I like to become more acquainted with this profound element that keeps on eluding me.  Apart from that, I have a very bad habit of grabbing anything I can find in the medicine cupboard after two hours of staring at the ceiling, hoping that I will magically dose off into a peaceful sleep.  Luckily not every night, but most nights.  That’s the first thing that should go.  I’ve started to experiment with some essential oils, and Ylang-Ylang and Frankincense is first on my list.  I grabbed Peppermint from the shelve as well.  Apparently, it increases energy and exercise performance.  Definitely something to explore.  I’ll keep you updated.

Mind Training

Your mind and your brain are not the same thing.  Your mind and your thoughts consists of emotions, feelings and what you choose.  Many of these emotions, feelings or actions we took, have been automatized into long-term memories by our thinking about them repeatedly.  BUT, our mind controls the brain.  Our thinking can change the actual structure of our brains.  So, your brain responds to what you do.  I bet you didn’t know that!  It was a big eye-opener for me.  Imagine that.  And if you can take control of your emotions, feelings and what you chose to do, imagine what impact that will have on your brain and your future.  The bible says “Renew Your Mind” daily.  And that is exactly what it means.  I’m attending a book club in January by Dr. Caroline Leaf to learn more about how powerful my mind is, so that I can fully step into greater things in 2019.  You can join too.  I don’t get any commission or anything for promoting this.  I want you to experience your best life ever.

Don’t forget our upcoming live webinar on personal branding in the workplace in February.  I will be sharing some great tips and ideas on how to position yourself and become a magnet for more rewarding opportunities in your career.  This is also something you can apply in your home business.  I will have a second one-hour workshop and take you through a hands-on 90-day goal planning exercise.  You can register HERE.  We’re gonna have loads of fun.

So with all my mumbling I wish you an amazing 2019.  May this be your greatest year ever.  The year you’ve wished for, the year you’ve prayed for.

We’ll chat again.  Stay good and eat healthy.