Starting a new job can be very exciting.  But I’m not gonna lie. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  And no, it’s not the same as your volunteer job at the church. And neither is it the same as your part-time job at the coffee shop.

Your experience in the workplace have a large role in shaping your personality and your life. You will meet new people and build new relationships.  You will face challenges and get opportunities that will test your character.

There will be a period of learning and adjustment. And many employers will conduct an orientation week where they will lay out the expectations of the new job.

New employee orientation refers to the process where employees are given access to the basic company information. This includes products and services about the company with the intention of providing you with the tools so that you can become an active, contributing team member.

The new employee orientation typically ranges from days to a few weeks, depending on the company and industry you are going to work in.  Find out exactly where and when you should report for employee orientation on your first day.

Plan your trip to the work to ensure you allow plenty of time for travel.   Make sure you follow-up on any instructions on what is still needed by HR, before you show up for your first day at work.

New employee orientation is a great opportunity for you, to better understand your new working environment. You will be able to get your benefit details, understand better what your duties and responsibilities will be, what the company policies are and where that fit into the wider organization.

During the sessions, you will meet people from different departments, e.g. Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Sales, Occupational Health, etc.  Make sure you jot down their names and how you can get a hold of them should you have questions later.

New hire orientation program can also be exhausting. You will be flooded with information and will have no idea what hit you after the first two days. It’s normal. You’re going to feel overwhelmed. Just chill it out. Since it’s a large amount of information you need to process, be prepared to take plenty of notes.  After the orientation session, take all the information you’ve received and/or written down, and organize it in such a way so that you can refer back to it later on.

I remember my first month in corporate was an orientation month with loads of training and information we had to absorb.  And since I started in an industry that thrive on acronyms, I wrote down every single acronym that I heard during orientation, in the bathroom, in the hall ways and tea room.  A year later, I still referenced that note book.  It became an invaluable source of information to me.

Be present.  Put your phone on silent.  There’s nothing so annoying to a presenter than having to speak to people glued to their phones. Be respectful. You will have plenty of time to share your experience on insta stories.

Bring some snacks and plenty of water.  You don’t know how long you will be in training and whether you will have enough time during the break to go out and fetch something to eat and drink.

Accept any help that’s offered during orientation.   Don’t try to impress anybody.  You are there to equip yourself, so ask questions and gather as much information as you can.

You won’t remember everything that are being shared during your orientation period, but the most important thing is, know where to find it and how to research the information.  The sooner you can become a self-directed learner, the sooner you will know what’s going on in your job.  And every employer loves somebody that can find their own solutions.

Be teachable.  Don’t ever think you know enough.  You cannot compare text book knowledge with hands-on industry on-the-job training. Nobody really cares about your A-grades.

It’s about how well can you execute your daily tasks.

Most of all, be yourself and enjoy it.

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