Jeez, as I write down the date this morning, I realize 2019 is almost over.

We won the Rugby World Cup this weekend. Yep. South Africa won in case you missed it. And their head coach had something profound to say in one of his press releases.

Rugby should not be pressure. Pressure is when you cannot put food on the table. Pressure is when a loved one is murdered. Rugby should never be that. If rugby is that kind of pressure, how can it be something that unite a nation? Or how can it be something that brings hope. And so, they chose to focus on the fact that rugby is something that can bring people hope.

Think about that. If your job is pressure, how can you change and bring hope to people through what you do? Ok…that was a free piece of content for you! ?

We get derailed a lot in life. I have obstacles too. Just like you. And I also know that people say “well, you can choose your response”. To and extend that’s true.

But what if you were never taught to choose the right response?  How can people make the right decisions, if the only thing their brain has memorized through its existence, is to protect itself by what is familiar.

I had someone once told me “I have no tolerance for someone who is fat and obese”.  Like really? I get angry when people say that.  But then again, I also get angry when people who want to lose weight, tell me “I can’t….”. I can’t ditch the bread. I can’t ditch the sweets.  There’s a tiny bit of truth in that. But the reality is, what they are saying to me is they won’t.

You see, people think they must have it all figured out when they make a decision. People think if they make a decision to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, they need to have the diet, the food, everything planned out before they will be successful.

No, my friend. You see, all you need to do is to decide.  And you make the decision, it’s been made. You don’t make the same decision every week on a Sunday evening.  You don’t make the same decision in the beginning of the year after Christmas and holidays.

The decision is made. Now you freakin work your ass off to educate yourself, get all the resources you need and figure it out. And you use that knowledge to get you through the holidays. You use that knowledge to get you through winter. 

Knowledge brings revelation.  If you do not have revelation, you will not be successful. There will be no reason for you to do it.

And any case, if you haven’t figured things out when it comes to your bad eating habits over the past 20 years, how on earth do you expect to have it all figured out in the next 15 min when you make the decision to live a healthier life?

For heaven sake.

Cut yourself some slack and stop making it always about yourself, your own drama and your own food issues. You are not the only victim here.

The real victim is your spouse, who is slowly seeing you slipping away.  The real victim is your 10-year-old son, who needs to babysit you and report to his dad when you look for leftover cake in the dustbin.

Just answer this one question.


Yes? No?

Decide to get the help! And educate and empower yourself and get the resources you need to figure it out.

I need to run.  I know it’s scary to let go of something you have control over, like bad eating habits.  You think you can control it. But in fact, it’s really controlling YOUR whole existence.

MAKE THE DECISION. And get help to figure it out.

Don’t forget our next 90-Day Sugar Detox course starts in January 2020.  We will go through a 90-Day intensive workshop on how to fix your mind and your habits when it comes to eating. And how to break the hold food has on you.  For my 2020 launch, I’ve also partnered with one of the best chefs in the country, to bring you loads of recipes, meal plans and cooking videos. You will have access to it all for 3 months free of charge.

But we only have a few seats left. 

If you’re too scared to make that decision because you think you would never know what to eat or cook, you have no excuse now.  Not knowing what to cook or even HOW to cook is not a weakness. But at least acknowledge to yourself that you need the resources and help if you want to be successful.

I say it again. Knowledge brings revelation, but it doesn’t stop there.

With revelation (and the knowledge), you have the power to create your future.

You decide.

It’s time to stop struggling and decide what’s your worth. 

Love, Petrolene

P.S. Here’s the link to our 90-Day Sugar Detox Workshop. And what’s great, we will get together once a week in a small forum to answer questions and give you all the support you need through-out your journey.