I need a long bath tonight…

It’s Friday and I’m just exhausted. It’s been a ridiculous week.  I’ve been working like crazy, I ‘ve started a strict Keto diet, I have to complete an eBook this weekend, I need to set-up two bots for Facebook pages,  I forgot our 21st wedding anniversary, my house is dirty and full of dust,  and I have over 30 fitness businesses that I will be working with the next 3-6 months to help them with their social media marketing.  Well, I must admit, the latter is a great problem to have.

But I’m still exhausted.  Although I choose not to dwell in exhaustion.  It’s tough.  You must speak to your mind the entire day so that you make sure you’re not caught up on those toxic thoughts.  So at least that’s awesome – I can tell my brain what to do.

I’ve already lost 3 kg’s.  But having said that, I don’t’ know how much of it is muscle, since I don’t exercise at the same intensity now.  Maybe half?  But I love this journey.  I also made a commitment to eliminate meds from my live as much as possible.  That’s going well.  I am experimenting with some essential oils for sleep and I might even start to experiment with CBD oil.  I will stop by at the health-shop tomorrow to ask all my questions. Oh, and by the way…don’t forget our live Keto Q&A session next week Tuesday!  If you’re new to a Keto lifestyle, it’s a great opportunity to come and ask all your questions.

In all this craziness, I just realized today how important it is to be still and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  That’s a big goal I have, is to train myself to consult with the Holy Spirit daily. We can ask the Holy Spirit daily to help us renew our minds.  And no, I don’t read my bible every day and I don’t pray long prayers.  I forget to read my bible and I cannot focus enough to pray for longer than 5 min.  But I dwell in the Holy Spirit’s presence whenever I can.  Many people are looking for humongous moment or miracle in their lives.  Some amazing break through’s, some sort of big bang.

But every day in my life is a miracle.  Every decision I make and step I take is a miracle.  There’s a saying amongst ultra-marathon runners that says: “just keep moving forward”.  No matter what you do, where you stop during the race, keep moving forward.  If you passed the massage tent, don’t walk back, move forward to the next one.

It’s the small steps every day that is making all the difference.   Many of my friends are still stuck in the same place as last year and it is because they were not willing to take a small step every single day.  I don’t do anything special.  I just decide to get-up and go and train every day.  I decide to eat 2 eggs instead of bread for breakfast.  I decide to start a part-time business because I love teaching people, whether it is social media for their businesses, fitness or nutrition.  I just love seeing people smile and feel that they’ve accomplished something.

This year is all about investing in yourself.   Health, fitness, mindset, career – the whole works.

Have an awesome weekend and spend 5 minutes looking into your husbands’ eyes and tell him you love him.