This is quite a dilemma. There is sugar in almost everything we eat.  

I got this question the other day “What should I eat, there’s sugar in everything. There’s even sugar in baby carrots”. The short answer is, eat unprocessed, whole food and animals.  Any processing of food should happen in the kitchen.

The goal is to quit sugar completely, not to replace it.  You want to reset your gut, and the reward center in your brain to have a healthy relationship with food.  Replacing sugar with a sugar/sweet alternative, will not solve the root cause of the problem. 

And yes, I know, it’s easier said than done.  If you’re a mom with a full-time corporate career, running 2 part-time businesses, home schooling your child and training twice a day – it calls for some innovative thinking.

Here’s a few things I can share that worked for me.

Order Prepared Healthy Food

If at all you can afford it (and it’s available in your town), order cooked meals that is prepared fresh on a daily basis. These are often companies that are involved in fitness and wellness themselves and they understand the need.  

Some companies specializes in different diets or meal plans.  The company where I order have vegan, keto, healthy food and family health available.  I know some companies only specializes in paleo.  It doesn’t really matter what they provide, your first goal should be to eat unprocessed, whole food.  

Don’t be afraid to ask them how their food is prepared and where they buy their produce.  If it’s not something that is already shared on their website, you should ask.  These prepared food and prepared boxed tv dinners you find in the grocery store, is not the same thing. If you see something like that, no matter what’s on the menu…. run.  And do not buy food that are already frozen.  Fresh is king.  You can do the freezing at home.

An easy search on google for terms like prepared meals, cooked dinners, prep food, healthy prep meals, should bring up a variety of options for you. Order the minimum package, so that you can determine if you’re happy with their service and the quality of their food before you go all in.

Prepare and Plan on Weekends

When my kids still needed lunchboxes, I did most of my preparation on Sunday afternoons.  I would cook larger portions of vegetables like squashes and freeze them for the week.  Quiche also work well and snacks like muffins made with pumpkin, was a life saver, especially for the lunchboxes. 

High Fat Chan is one of my favorite recipe sites.  Chantal is a mother herself and she also knows the challenges of raising kids on a sugar-free lifestyle.  Pinterest has a wealth of information on recipes.  Search exactly what you are looking for, e.g. “sugar-free [Fill in the blank]”. You will be surprised what you can find.

Shop organic

Shop the the highest quality food you can afford. The quality of food you put into your body, absolutely needs to become one of your highest priorities.  

I realized that I’ve spent so much time planning my life, my work and career – but I hardly put in any time planning my nutrition.  When you reach retirement and your work and career is done and dusted, you will still need your health.  It’s just fair that we put the same amount of effort in planning our health, well beyond our years, if

not more effort.

Check the nutrition label before you buy 

I get every response imaginable when I teach people this principle.  They envision hours in the shop, staring at each and every food label.

Here’s the thing.  Your “family food basket” looks more or less the 

same every week or every month.  Once you get the hang of it, you will swoosh through those shopping isles like a pro.

Shop on the outskirts of the shopping isles.  That is where you 

will find the fresh produce.  Anything inside the isles, are processed and loaded with sugar one way or the other.  If you shop there, it helps to know how to read food labels.  Here is a video I did on how to understand food labels and it is not what you think.

Eat whole foods

That is, food that grow below or above the ground. Things that had a mother. Food that will rot in 1-2 days. That’s the food you should eat. An apple comes from a tree, the potatoes from the ground. But where does the 2-minute noodles come from?

You don’t have to exercise if you don’t want to

At least for now, but you have to move. You cannot lie in front of the 

TV every day. But you don’t need to exercise to lose weight. This is one of the biggest lies we were told. If this was true, why are some weekend warriors, who trained for a marathon or even an ultra marathon, still overweight?

If you have to exercise to lose weight, your diet is wrong.  

Get your nutrition on the right path, and the desire for exercise will follow.

Don’t make eating complicated!

This is one of the main reasons people fail.  Eating is part of life. It’s a celebration of life. It’s where people gather to show love and appreciation for one another. 

Don’t complicate your efforts by adding more stuff to cope with, like weighing food, be obsessed with portions, what times you should eat.  Just do what fits your schedule.

Yes, cutting out sugar will require some effort. Most things in life require some effort if you want to be successful. Doing some research on where to shop and what to shop, will take enough of your time. Spend your energy on that first, then worry about the other things later.

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Have a good week!