So we got a little challenge from our business mentor last week. I believe this post is too late to qualify for the challenge from Sandi’s Inner Circle, but I will be disobedient if I didn’t write this.

For years I have walked around with a void in my spirit being. I thought if I can just attend a seminar at church, attend the women’s conference at church, if someone can just pray for me, I will walk out a different person and all my dreams will come true.

I am finishing up her Faith at Work course in her Innercircle.  And yet again, like with so many of her courses, I cannot believe that I haven’t done it sooner. 

The journey with Sandi and her Inner Circle has been nothing less than a miracle in my life.  Coming from a struggling background, with a poverty mindset, she has turned everything I thought was right about business, upside down. Being such a strong mentor who brings faith unashamedly into her business, I knew God has planted me in a place where he wanted to mold me, grow me and help me to shake off everything that was not helping me to become a successful entrepreneur.

I know God. I am in a charismatic church with bold teachings. But I never knew what it meant to bring God into your business. It’s not about a prayer meeting once a week in the boardroom – it’s more than that. It’s asking God for answers, asking God for revelations and asking God for solutions in your day-to-day work and relationships.

From that first morning where I suddenly woke up early, jumping out of bed thinking “What if the Lord wants to speak to me”, to diligently following every single business advice after every single mentoring session every week, it’s been nothing short of an amazing journey.  And since then, I’ve never skipped a morning with the Lord. Here, the pink-haired marketer was leading me on a path unimaginable. Who would’ve thought, that stepping into a business mentoring plan, would bring me so much healing, would bring me so much knowledge, would bring me so much inner peace? For the first time in my live, all the noises in my head is gone. For the first time in my life I feel content with my journey. Because I know where I’m going. I know that every place that the sole of my feet will tread upon, the Lord has given me.

It’s sort of a funny story how I met her.  I was coming back from a marketing event in Las Vegas at my previous coaching company, seriously rethinking my strategy and my future. I did some audience insights research for marketing purposes, and came across her page.  And I thought “who’s this crazy woman, let me LIKE her page, I’ll get back to you later lady”. Two months later, I watched one of her Facebook Lives and suddenly I felt that everything was starting to line up.

From trainings on how to set up my website, to running ads on Facebook, how to maneuver my way through Instagram, outsourcing – yep, the student in my house does my Insta stories now – setting up my first campaign, making my first sale – I’m honored to be part of her teachings.  And I’m more honored that she has taught me how to be a blessing in other people’s lives.  And she is right. People out there needs hope in a broken world.

No amount of MBA classes, 18+ years in corporate has taught me what she has taught me the past few months.  After 45 years, being in agreement with heaven makes complete sense to me. From a business perspective, from a spiritual perspective. Just everything is so much clearer. She speaks about it in your book as well – The Anomaly Mind-Set. She has an anointing on her life that I cannot put into words. If only, I can be a glimpse of she is and what she represents  in the business world, I would be truly happy.

Go and do yourself a favor and listen to her teachings we are doing this month on the lies that’s in the market place.

You will be very blessed.

Blessings for all,