We’ve all heard this saying…”Go Big or Go Home”.

I’ve learned over the past year that this is not necessarily the best approach to success.  Why?  Just because this outlook in life can also get you nowhere. 

Most people I work with have dreams.  Dreams for their health. Dreams for their career. Dreams for their family.  Most people do not have the financial or mental means to “go big or go home”. 

Successful people have not become successful because they had one single break- through.  When I did my first Half Iron Man, many people I met was in awe.  They couldn’t believe that I would ever be able to do something like that.  They cannot comprehend that someone will ever be able to swim 1.9km in the sea, cycle 90 km and then run 21.1 km to the finish.  Something completely above their ability – at least that’s what people think.  And my response to them?  “when you train for it, it’s easy”. 

You see, when you pitch up on the day, all the preparation has been completed.  You are ready because you know you’ve put in the hard work.

People never see the hours you’ve spent on the bike.  They never see the hours you’ve spend in the pool.  They never see the hours you spend on the road.  And this preparation starts months before the actual event, for some, even a year.  You start with nothing. No experience in swimming.  No experience in triathlon.  You start slowly.  You do the short distances first. Then you progress slowly.  Every single day you do something to make sure you get to the starting line fully prepared, one year later.

You see, you don’t just pitch up and do the race, completely unprepared.  You will not even make it into the water. Yet, so many people want quick results when they set-out on a journey.  They want to lose weight, and when they start to get impatient, they give up.  When they get to the first roadblock, they give up. 

People want to earn more money and they run from the one business idea to the other, but they are just running around “being in motion”.  Not taking any action towards their goal.  And then they will say “these things take time”.  I tend to disagree with that.

Making more money doesn’t ‘take time’.  You buy something, sell it at a higher price and you’ve made money.  Just look at how quick kids make money? They never think…”oh gosh, this is going to take time”, “this is not worth it”.  Kids will come into the living room and ask you for money.  You will tell them ‘I don’t have any’, or “Work for it”.  Next thing you know, they’ve found something they can sell or do to make the money and off they go to the neighbors.

The problem is that people don’t want to work hard.  They don’t want to grind it out every day to get to the point where they’ve made the money.  And then people cannot understand why they’re not making more money and they give up.

So yes, achieving a goal and making something out of your life takes hard work.  Nobody ever said it will be easy.  But starting with something small every single day will make sure you keep moving forward.  You might not even realize the progress until the one-year mark, when you look back and see what you’ve achieved.

Don’t give up yet. There’s still lots to do.  I’m rooting for you and I know you will make it!