Our ability to have a productive day at work, does not depend on the amount of time we spent on a task, but rather the energy we bring to the task.  We cannot control the amount of time we have, but we can make it more valuable and productive by changing our energy.  This energy is also referred to as our capacity to do the work. What we spend our time on, shows us what we are prioritizing in our lives.  If we are not intentional about how we show up in our time, we cannot always give our best.

You can have a great day by starting your day with a sincere exchange of energy. Like sharing what you are grateful for, a funny story or just building connections through fun experiences.  Make sure you are fully present in any conversations you have with people and avoid multi-tasking.  And be sure to take time to think and reflect.  This allows you to respond to challenges rather than just reacting to it.  Our health is better, we’re happier and we do a much better job.

During the past few years, we have learned some powerful science about how the mind can teach the brain to manage energy. Your mind is the master controller of the human system, including your brain. If you think about someone you feel grateful for in your life, you may notice a change in how you feel physically and emotionally in the moment.

Think about how babies spend their time and energy.  Babies are excellent in making sure they give their full attention to the moment.  If they need something NOW, they will let you now.

There are certain times during the day when it’s most important to recharge your brain and body for peak performance during the day.  The most important include the start of your day and the end of your day. When recharge during these times, you help your brain to get into a state that’s needed for the desired outcome, whether it is to be super focused at work or just feeling relaxed enough to let go of the worries from the day.

If you’re not sure how to start, consider adding these 5 Easy Steps in your daily routine.  Once you’re nailed these 5 steps, you can start to think about moving around and exercise. Moving regularly is a fundamental part of managing your energy.  It will help you feel better quicker and you will be getting some great vibes from positive people around you.

So, before you wreck your brain about exercise, I’d like to invite you to take action with these 5 Easy Steps to Boost Your Energy at Work.  This will not only help you to feel better faster, but it will also boost your mind’s motivation to stick with your new habits over time.

Reflect for a few moments and pick just one thing you can implement in the next week.  Don’t forget to head over to our Facebook page and let us know how that made you feel! We would love to hear from you and how things are going.

Till next time,