What Was and What is Now Has Nothing to Do with One Another


I had a decent corporate career, but I worked 70-80 hours a week with NO work-life balance – whatever that may mean.  It was just how it was.  If you want a decent salary increase, it’s what you do.  Otherwise, you were labeled as uncooperative, not collaborative and disloyal to your company.

That’s really what triggered by discontent. What made me evaluate the miserable life I had where I’ve spent very little time with my kids and my family.  Where I felt so just to take a day or two off.  I could never relax.

Fast Forward…

I’m done apologizing for the fact that I hate the idea of having to work for somebody else until I retire.  Because that is just that – you work for somebody else.

I’m done apologizing for the fact that I have a dream to give my family a better life and the fact that I acknowledge, by working for somebody else in today’s economy, is not going to get me there.

I’m done apologizing for the fact that I’m the one that’s made a decision to change that.  I’m done apologizing that I want to help other women that feel stuck in their life or career, to live a life of purpose.  To be able to wake up every morning and be inspired by what they do and have time to make memories with their families.

So before you run off to complain about what I’m doing because you envy my guts or because you can’t deal with your own issues, I suggest you change your scenery.  And of course, we will just agree to disagree.

So here’s a toast to myself and a pat on my back for starting this journey.  I would’ve never thought 12 months ago, that this is where I will be.  Strange how things can change rapidly if you intentionally invest in things that matter.  About 3 months ago I’ve spent a weekend in Las Vegas, meeting some of the greatest entrepreneurs in my industry.  And the best is yet to come. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride, but I’m ready to kick it into first gear and take you on my journey.  You see, here’s the amazing part.  I’m no special person.  I don’t have superpowers neither do I come from a family of influence.

My mom was an alcoholic and substance abuser.  I’ve learned very early in my childhood that you stay out of the way to make sure there’s no unnecessary conflict.

What changed?  I stopped pitying myself and I realized that the decisions I make today, will determine where I will be tomorrow.  I got rid of all the dreams I had about more money and a bigger life.  Because they were just exactly that – dreams and an element of positive self-talk that just got me nowhere.

Yea..it’s awesome to be in a positive state of mind, but at some point, you have to wake up and DO something.  I always thought to have more money and an abundant life is going to involve some sort of miracle.  I was also waiting for my ship to come in.  Until I realized it doesn’t work that way.  You pretty much have to jump in the water, learn to swim, swim out to the ship, get on the ship, take over the command center and steer the ship towards the dock yourself.  That ship ain’t coming in by itself.

I’ve invested so much time and money in my personal development and business coaching over the past 12 months.  I’ve pushed myself mentally – it’s almost insane. Here’s the thing.  Everybody of us has a part in our brain that scans the world for worries.  It makes you ready to either fight the situation or to run away.  We’re born like that.  It’s inherent to human nature.  So you can decide that you either going to address the challenge or run away.

And as human beings, we can talk ourselves out of everything and anything.

So, if you’re not going to invest in yourself, who is going to?

Talk again, soon.


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