The Idea of Having a J.O.B for the Rest of My Life

I finally took the plunge and spoke about why I hate the idea of having a J.O.B for the rest of my life.  If you missed that episode, you can catch it HERE.. (Recommended by CapeTownInsider)

So if that makes you uneasy, let’s rephrase just for you.  I hate the idea of not doing enough to get my story out there, of not doing enough to really help and empower others.

It has nothing to do with the job itself.  Just like somebody else who hate the idea of living in a flat for the rest of their lives, I cannot imagine not sharing with others, what I have acquired over all these years.  For me, it’s a basic principle in life.  I know something, the person coming behind me, don’t know yet.  Just turn around and reach out a hand to the person.

I have a story to tell and people need to hear it. I want to help women be the bad assess they’re meant to be.  I want to help moms who feel stuck in their lives, to be their beautiful self again.

Society teaches women that you give birth, you get your kids through school, you become overweight, you get on medication because you ate your way to chronic disease. At age 40 all the moms gather at school, looking weary and tired complaining about their day.  That’s the new normal.

Then at age 50, you need to start to think about your retirement. You start to take more medication for more ailments. At age 65 you retire, you’re old now.  At age 70, you should walk with a walker, at age 75 (if you make it) you should by now be in an old age home.

Why?  I’m not going to lie in an old age home so that somebody else can wipe my ass?  I’ll invest in my health anyway I can, to live a very long and healthy life.

You see, I should not even be alive today.  It’s a freakin miracle that I’m even here.  But I made a decision.  I will not be part of stats.

I didn’t wait for money in order to change my life.  I started in bits and pieces.  With what I had at that point in time. I didn’t wait for money to start my business.  I didn’t wait for money to access the resources I needed.

I just made a decision to start.

Make a decision to start – just start somewhere.  Anywhere.  As long as you take one single step every day, you will be much further than you were a week ago.

Have a great week!



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