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Livinglife with Petrolene is a labor of love.  I have struggled for months to decide how to put together this message and information.  I thought about every excuse imaginable not to.  But it breaks my heart to see people suffer with their health.  I’m tired of people trying one diet after the other and still don’t get the results they deserve.  Especially because I know just how simple it is to change.  It’s hard, but it’s simple…

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This Is Why You Cannot Say NO To Sugar

This Is Why You Cannot Say NO To Sugar

Ever wondered why you are such a loser that you don’t even have the will power or self-discipline to stay…
Bigger Is Not Always Better

Bigger Is Not Always Better

We’ve all heard this saying…”Go Big or Go Home”. I’ve learned over the past year that this is not necessarily…
5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy At Work

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy At Work

Our ability to have a productive day at work, does not depend on the amount of time we spent on…

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